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  • Meet the Smile Design

Smile design

diseño sonrisa


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with a value of $56,000.00mxn

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Value: $1,000.00 MXN

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Draw Bases:

Draw Mechanics:

  • The draw for "A Smile Design" will take place on December 31, 2017 at 10:00 am 

  • The draw will take place   the facilities of the Ube Dental Tecnológico clinic; same that will be spread through Ube Dental's facebook live at the time of obtaining the winning ticket.

  • Three winning tickets will be drawn:

  1.  The first and second ticket corresponds to the winner of a "Teeth Whitening"

  2. The third ticket drawn corresponds to the winner of "A Smile Design"  

The award:

  • The winning ticket will be credited with "A Smile Design" that includes 8 dental pieces, which can be "dental veneers, bridges or crowns" premium quality 

  • The "Smile Design" consists of:

  1. Feedback ​

  2. Treatment Plan

  3. Diagnosis

  4. Carving

  5. digital scan

  6. Digital design

  7. Digital Impression of 8 Dental Pieces

  8. Placement

  9. Post Operative Consultation

  • The claim of the PRIZE can be carried out from January 2, 2018 until December 31, 2018

  • The prize does not include additional dental treatments

  • Normal value of the prize $56,000.00MXN

  • Ticket price to participate $1,000.00 mxn 

Winning Ticket Condition:

  • The creditor of the prize must physically have the ticket with the winning number and have been declared the winner during the draw.

  • The winning ticket will be drawn from an urn intended for this purpose on the day of the Draw.

General conditions:

  • Only people over 18 years of age can participate.

  • Ticket sales will be valid between December 11 to 29, 2017

  • Only 500 ticketing numbers will participate whose numbering will be from 001 to 500

  • The value of the ticket is $1,000.00 mxn printed or digital

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