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Notice of Privacy

About the person responsible for collecting the data

Ube Dental SA de CV  hereinafter "Ube Dental" is committed to providing protection to you

and your loved ones, so we inform you that your personal data corresponds only to you.

The personal data that you provide us is treated with absolute confidentiality, and in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data, that is why we put at your disposal

our privacy notice.

Address of the person in charge who collects the data

Ube Dental, with address at Boulevard Toluca Metepec No. 505, Col. Las Jaras, Metepec, CP 52169, Toluca, Mexico. Telephone  722 874 8537  is responsible both for collecting and therefore not revealing any kind of information that belongs to it (such as email, IP numbers, telephone numbers , among others.), becoming responsible for the use and protection of it. 

About the data collected

The personal data that we collect from you takes place in the interactions that are generated with the site and that are necessary to provide you with the services that derive from it, as the case may be, and among those that are considered or could be considered:

Identification of the owner

Provision of Dental medical services, including without limitation diagnosis, consultations, surgeries and other purposes related to dental health services. 

  • Provide information in the case of complications in treatments for specialized care

  • Creation, study, analysis, updating and conservation of medical history and clinical file of the patient.

  • Know the personal pathological history of patients, in a complete, concise and detailed manner, in order to know their general health status, drug interaction, indication

  • and contraindications.

  • Evaluate and provide the best dental treatment alternatives.

  • Studies, records, statistics and analysis of medical and health information.

  • Follow-up to treatment plan.

  • Charge for services

  • Address any complaint, question or comment regarding the services.

  • Notify you about changes to this privacy notice.

About the type of data collected

General data

  1. Full name

  2. Age 

  3. Date of Birth

  4. Email

  5. Home phone and/or cell phone

Clinical data

Consisting of:

  1. Chronic conditions

  2. allergies

  3. Blood type

  4. Family history

  5. Pathological history

  6. systemic diseases

  7. History of infectious diseases

Obtaining your information

All your personal data entered on this site are provided by you, making full use of your freedom. The information stored here only includes basic data entered through contact forms, comments or others as the case may be. 


The cookie is a brief information that the internet portal sends to your computer, which is stored on the hard drive the next time you enter our portal, so we can use the information stored in the cookie to facilitate the use of our website. Internet. Cookies expire after a certain period of time, or you can delete them at any time you want by following the instructions of your internet browser. You can also have your browser notify you when you receive a cookie so that you can accept or reject it by following your internet browser's instructions.

Use of information:

By providing us with your personal data, in accordance with the Privacy Policy

here consigned, you authorize us for the following use of your information:


a) for the very purpose for which it was provided;

b) to consider it within our traffic statistics, thus increasing our advertising and market offer;


c) to better guide the services offered here and assess them at your discretion;


d) to send e-mails with our newsletters, respond to concerns or comments, and keep our users informed.

e) Only in the exclusive case of agreements with third parties to increase the number of benefits of our users with membership, information may be shared with third parties solely to inform about the agreements entered into with us, which Ube Dental undertakes to communicate previously to its users. Said third parties may be parent companies, affiliates or subsidiaries, external professional advisors; laboratories, clinics, hospitals, research centers, insurers, insurance brokers, agencies, organizations and/or other providers that offer dental services and/or specialists and, in general, any third party that acts as a manager on behalf of and on our behalf and /or perform for “Ube Dental”, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries any dental specialty service.


The personal information of the Holder may not be transferred to third parties. However, you are authorized to share it in the following cases:

a) When said transfer of information is made with third parties to comply with the services or procedures or obligations agreed with the Holder.


b) In the cases required by law, or the procurement or administration of justice.


c) When the owner of said information expressly grants his consent.

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